About Me - Mark Highton Ridley

Teacher / trainer

In summer breaks during higher education, I taught teachers about these new fangled computer-things and when left higher education, I taught school-leavers who hadn't achieved their potential due to family circumstances interfering with their learning.

The feedback I got was that I was a great teacher, able to empathise with the students and express things in a way that they could understand.

This led me to create this blog, Hints And Tips dot Info where I could put that to good use, writing articles explaining things that others find hard to understand. Hopefully I do this in a way that makes difficult subjects easy to follow.

Fine Art Photographer

Despite what I say above, first and foremost I am a fine art photographer. What is this? Well it simply means that the photographs I take are not the starting point and nor are they the end point for my art.

Artistic Intent

A lot of thought goes into the shot before I even lift my camera. I'm thinking about the artistic intent of the shot and how best to convey that using lighting, composition, viewpoint and subject. And it doesn't stop there. I'm also thinking about what I will do in the digital darkroom to develop the initial shot into the final artwork.

So it's a combination of my intent and these processes that makes it "fine art".

Buying my work

...at my Zazzle Store

I have a store over at Zazzle through which I sell my work, mostly as poster prints and cards. I don't restrict myself just to fine art but include more traditional art suitable for the types of product sold there. So you can also find t-shirts, mugs, postcards and even skateboards featuring my graphic work.

As an example, this is my best selling work there, a poster featuring the life-guiding Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann that starts "Go placidly amidst the noise and haste..."

...on my website

If you would prefer to own a valuable hand-printed, signed and mounted print, you can order them through my website over at http://www.highton-ridley.co.uk

Each order is hand-printed on the highest quality, bright white Hahnemuelle paper using inks guaranteed to retain their richness and depth for over 150 years. All material used is acid free and gives a stunning image that you will find a joy to own. I hope to see you there :)