Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Big Laugh

Tips from Friends of the Earth
Tickets are now on sale for Friends of the Earth's big comedy night, THE BIG LAUGH on Thurs 8 May 2014. See Greg Davies, Josh Widdicombe and Mark Watson at the Eventim Apollo in London, with music from Eliza Doolittle. Find out more and share with friends.
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Painted Loon Shirt

Here's something from Zazzle featuring some advice / tips on tshirts. Click to customize to your size / style / colour and see what it's like!

tagged with: painted, loon, common, birdwatching, loons

The Painted Loon is a fairly large bird, averaging eleven pounds. Its wings stretch 50 inches from tip to tip, and its body is over twenty-eight inches long. It has a strong black bill for catching fish, crayfish, insects and even snails. Its bright red eyes are capable of seeing at depths below fifteen feet, and its strong legs are located far back on its body for maximum speed in the water.

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