Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Superglue keeps best in the fridge

In the past, every time I've needed superglue I've had to buy a new tube because the glue in the last tube I bought had gone hard.
A few months ago, I forget where, I heard that if you keep an opened tube upright in the fridge it'll stop the superglue from going off.
I tried it with the last tube I bought and when I went to use it again yesterday on a tray handle that had snapped I found it was as runny and good as when I bought it.

Places: A Floating Deck

From HomeDepot blog
  Having a nice deck conveniently located just off the kitchen or living room is ideal for outdoor dining and relaxation. And who wouldn’t want to walk right out onto a deck from the bedroom to enjoy morning coffee and the newspaper? But if the design of your home won’t allow for the addition of a [...]
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Enjoy your local waterways

Tips from Friends of the Earth
Find out what's happening on Britain's rivers, canals and lakes. Whether you're into walking, cycling, boating or just fancy a pint somewhere new, discover your local waterways.
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