Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Diet by SRF Poster

Here's something from Zazzle featuring some advice for the kitchen. Maybe you'd like to see your name on it? Click to personalize and see what it's like!

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Don't EVEN get me started ... ; ) I never really had to seriously diet although I never could just eat everything. Now, I'm hearing, "Well, our bodies shift as we get older .... Once you pass a certain age, it's harder to lose weight ... blah blah blah." I do know several things I do wrong. One, I eat extremely late; yet, if I eat earlier, I go to sleep and get nothing done. So, what's with the theory that you shouldn't eat after a certain time? I figure I'm burning off all the calories before dinner. Oops, I don't eat all day, so yes, I know, my body is saying, "Store the fat. She's starving us." I could write a book here; yet, I will add that a major mistake I make is eating double dipped chocolate covered peanuts on the rare occasions I'm alone and want to read a mystery, so ... I can either give up those wonderful moments and reading ... or say, "Life's too short to not indulge every now and then!" (Of course, I go to sleep while eating them and reading ... and I can't begin to tell you what a mess that is ...."... SO .... Enjoy ! (Copyright 2009. Poetry: The Diet. Registered copyright held by author Sharon Rhea Ford. Any reproduction or resale will be a copyright violation under copyright law.)

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