Friday, 4 October 2013

Bar Sicilia Coffee Mug Cup by Pregadio.

Here's something from Zazzle featuring some advice for the kitchen. Maybe you'd like to see your name on it? Click to personalize and see what it's like!

tagged with: coffee, mug, cup, art, abstract, kitchen, decor, appliances, pregadio, sicily

Nonna perches from the window above She smiles at the youth below Effectively, she dishes advice to anyone Her social filters disengaged At her age, only family and the dreams of La Dolce Vita remain But the Sweet Life was always just a dream It is fully realized by her children and her grandchildren They do not appreciate the sacrifices she had made Ahhh...such is life So be it The best advice there is Let the aroma of espresso fill the air She shrugs her shoulders Not a care She did her best, that’s all that matters Young lovers embrace in the piazza below They elevate a symphony of language spiced by dialect They are the Sicilians Generations of passion, pain, and joy.

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