Friday, 27 September 2013

Spider Totem Tee Shirt

Here's something from Zazzle featuring some advice on tshirts. Click to customize to your size / style / colour and see what it's like!

tagged with: spiders, tarantulas, arachnophobia, spider webs

For the spider and tarantula lovers out there. A colorful shirt to promte the love of the members of the Arachnids out there. They say to desensitize yourself against the fear of spiders 'Arachnophobia', you should first look at pictures of them. Well this will bring you to stage two of that wise advice, just wear a picture of them while you go to the store to bring you to stage three of your arachnophobia to buy a rubber one to hold in your hand. Easy does it now...just go at your own pace. I am at stage 2.5. I can draw them now. Have fun.

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