Saturday, 18 June 2011

A great free utility - AutoHotkey

I needed a way of remapping some awkward key sequences so went off looking. I found this great free utility that exceeded my expectations - it's simply great!

I made the F1 key do a and the F12 key do a complicated series of paste, home, type, switch browser tab. What a time saver!

Getting AutoHotkey

Windows only :( Download it from

Why did I need it?

For my Zazzle store... In the final stages of a guide I was writing, I was showing how to speed up editing multiple products dramatically. Part of it wass having lots of products open in different browser tabs and then using ctrl-tab to switch between them.

With AutoHotkey I was able to automate a huge part of it. I should say that AutoHotkey has nothing to do with me, just one I found that came highly recommended.

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