Sunday, 19 June 2011

Drag and drop from / to your iPhone - free app

What a pain to get photos from your iPhone to your mac/pc. Not any more...

Now you can drag and drop...

..with this free app from

iTunes is still needed for it to work but that's all transparent and the "magic stuff" happens behind the scenes.

Gets my vote...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A great free utility - AutoHotkey

I needed a way of remapping some awkward key sequences so went off looking. I found this great free utility that exceeded my expectations - it's simply great!

I made the F1 key do a and the F12 key do a complicated series of paste, home, type, switch browser tab. What a time saver!

Getting AutoHotkey

Windows only :( Download it from

Why did I need it?

For my Zazzle store... In the final stages of a guide I was writing, I was showing how to speed up editing multiple products dramatically. Part of it wass having lots of products open in different browser tabs and then using ctrl-tab to switch between them.

With AutoHotkey I was able to automate a huge part of it. I should say that AutoHotkey has nothing to do with me, just one I found that came highly recommended.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Use what's left in the kettle...

This is a great one that falls into the reuse before recycle category - and makes some of your energy use even more efficient!

Having tea or coffee?

Kettle manufacturers tell you never to under-fill their kettles - having them on when there is little or no water can damage the heating element so it is this small amount of extra water that we're talking about here.

There's two things you can do with what's water left over...
  • Tip it into a jug and later use it for watering plants
Many water companies add things like fluoride to our water to benefit our health - but such additives don't necessarily help our plants. When such water is boiled, these chemical additives get driven off, making the water much better for the plants. And remember if you're in a hard water area it softens it too.
  • Sterilize your wiping-up cloth
Squeeze out any excess water and pour the just-boiled water over it, making sure the whole cloth gets a soaking

BUT don't add extra water to your kettle just to allow the above, otherwise you're energy use becomes less efficient. Without adding extra water to the kettle, you'll still have at least half a mug-full left over.