Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wordle word-art tool

Here's a great tool I found for creating posters, mugs etc with a message...


Here's an example of a motivational mug that I made using Wordle:
Motivational Words #2 ringer mug mug
Wordle makes the word-art from bunches of text, assigning a larger font size for more frequently occurring words (but ignoring common ones like "and", "the", "but" and so on). The main way to use it is to paste in a bunch of text (try one of the Anglo Saxon epics like "Beowulf", for a laugh) but there are a couple of other options you can use instead (or in addition - check out the advanced tab). Find Wordle here and make posters you can print on your own printer!

I can think of one great use for it.. Is your team in work working on a new project? Worlde is perfect to put together team-values or team-building motivational posters.

Share some examples on how you might use it if you like! Maybe paste into your comment the words you used. See more examples of what I used it for.

Have fun!!

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