Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Saving water and money

Ideas for saving and reusing water

If you're on a water meter this will also save you money -- a double whammy for you!

Everyone: don't let the tap (fawcett) run when cleaning your teeth
Blokes: ...the same when wet shaving
  • Never leave dripping taps -- if the washer in a dripping tap needs replacing, get it done or do it yourself
  • When waiting for the water to run hot, catch the water in a jug and empty that into a bucket kept there for the purpose. This 'grey' water can then be used for watering plants and flushing the toilet
  • If you're really keen to save, install a waste-water diverter tap that directs water from your sinks / shower / bath into a grey-water tank
And all that water saved means you're reducing your carbon footprint, too!

Happy saving :)

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