Tuesday, 5 May 2009

How to slash the time to do various chores

Basics: The principle to let you slash your chore time

The basic principle to recognise here is that every chore is made up of preparation and doing. If the preparation is already done, the chore is done in half the time!

Realise that preparation and doing are two separate jobs

So what you have to do is to do all the preparation in little bits here and little bits there -- and here's the key -- as part of your normal wandering from room to room.

Example: Combining doing a washing and cleaning the bathroom

An example will help. I needed to vacuum and clean the bathroom and wash the throw mats.

Preparing for chore

This morning, while cleaning my teeth, I moved all the gels, shaving kit, shampoo etc. and put them in the bath. Surfaces now clear. No cleaning yet! Finished cleaning teeth and gathered up mats - put them in the washing machine (more stuff to go in there later).

Put kettle on, opened curtains downstairs and as I walked back to the kitchen to make the tea, brought the vacuum cleaner with me from under the stairs (bathroom is accessed through the kitchen). Made tea, checked up on email and blogs I follow.

It's good not to spend too long at a time sat down, so went upstairs to check for other laundry that would go in the washing machine with the mats. Took with me some clutter that had crept downstairs. Dumped it and grabbed some jeans for the wash. Back downstairs, dumped the jeans at the bottom of the stairs and did more online stuff.

Doing chore and more preparation

Time for another cuppa -- took jeans with me to the kitchen, while waiting for the kettle to boil, put on the washing and prepared vacuum cleaner for the assault on the bathroom.

Made tea, and worked a little on a blog-posting. Needed to go to the loo (polite, british way of saying went for a leak; btw, loo comes from the French "l'eau", meaning water and short for water-closet or something like that).

Vacuum cleaner was ready for me, so took it in and gave the cleared floor a good going over first.

More chore doing...

Did my business, flushed, cleaned the surfaces (all cleared earlier), put all shaving kit, shampoo etc. back where they belonged, washed my hands (if I'd done the cleaning separately, I'd end up washing them twice). Done. Dismantle vacuum cleaner hoses etc. take some with me and put away. I'll put the rest of it away next visit.

How do I know I'm doing it right?

So, you get the picture? If you're about to go from point A in the house to point B, and you're going empty handed, something's wrong!


Joanne Licsko said...

This really works. It saves a lot of time.

Blissseeker said...

My Scottish Granny always tells us that. "Never leave a room empty handed"! It's so true:)